+ David Dadawan says:

it looks like i stole brad doesn’t exist anymore. were they sued into oblivion by brad pitt? or perhaps they ran with the money.

I hope they didn’t bilk any of our readers out of their money. If you were burned by I Stole Brad, we’d like to hear from you. Afterall, there’s nothing more fun than a public shaming.

+ Shane from Crown Dozen asked us to send some traffic their way. Since you can’t read Preshrunk all the time, we might as well point y’all their way. They’ve got some great tee and non-tee related content up that’s worth a read. You will give them a look, won’t you?

+ According to our extra special, top secret designer pal, work on our new header graphic is progressing nicely. We’re sure you’ll all be pleasantly surprised when it’s unveiled in the next week or two.

+ Software publisher Panic has launched their t-shirt store, PanicGoods. Their shopping cart setup is a work of freakin’ genius. If you’re one of those weirdoes who turns JavaScript off, do yourself a favor and turn it back on for a minute. It’s really, really worth it.