Seeing as how Flavor Flav is one of my all time favorite rappers, I’m a bit partial to this tee by Kiser. Granted, the clock is a bit big. But if you’re familiar with Public Enemy’s hype man, you’d know that a big ass chain and a big ass clock is the only way to do it up proper.

That’s right, you know what time it is. Yeeeeah boooieee… Gah! What the… I don’t know why I do that. It just sort of happens sometimes. Sorry about that.

So now Flav starring in one of the most bizzarre [yet interesting] reality shows ever, Strange Love along with Brigitte Nielson. It’s an oddly compelling chronicle of the attraction between two complete opposites. When VH1 runs a weekend marathon of it in a month or two, it’d really be worth the mass genocide of brain cells required to watch it.

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