Scooter MilitiaGals who are into scooters are hot. Hot girls who are into scooters are, uhm… more than hot? Okay, so that didn’t make sense. Cut me some slack. This is the first post of 2005, I’m mildly drunk and I swear to god I can see nipple in the product shot.

Even though I don’t own a scooter, I adore the culture. Quadrophenia is one of my favorite movies and I constantly scour used scooter sites looking for a local junker to fix up. Having no idea about my love for scooters Tim Tate dropped me a link to his friend’s store. That’s where I spotted this little gem. I mean, scooters and rebels with big guns – what’s not to love?

P.S. Don’t fret fellas, there’s a version for guys too.

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