:: I thought that we stood a chance in the 2005 Bloggies until I saw this ad. Apparently, Nick Denton is going to start running it on all the Gawker Media sites shortly. Man, I wish I had a micropublishing empire that I could advertise all over…

:: Luke from Lazy Afternoon has invited the Preshrunk audience to check out his hand silkscreened tees. No more than 16 of any particular design are done, so it’s really hard to spotlight just one shirt in a standard post.
$22.00 | PayPal

:: Fuzzy pointed us in the direction of a New City Chicago article about three t-shirt companies based out of Chi-town – Threadless, Imperfect Articles and Syndrome.

:: Speaking of weeklies doing profiles on local clothing companies, the OC Weekly ran a profile on Cypress, CA’s TankFarm Clothing. They have some decent stuff, but I have yet to find an online retailer that stocks more than one or two of their teees.

:: TeeMuseum is sweet. The fact that they charge $45 for a shirt, isn’t. Even if worldwide shipping is free and each shirt is printed in a batch of 100. I might be complaining about the price, but I’d still buy the Newton shirt if they offered it in a XXL.
$45.00 | PayPal