Hang Tags are little bits of news that really don’t merit a full post. Don’t think of this as a regular feature, it’s just a way for us to cram a few things out at once. We almost started using del.icio.us to add a link sidebar, but we decided against that. We’re here to cover the gear that moves us. And if it moves us, it deserves a little more space than a quick link and a quip.

+ It looks like Threadless redesigned their site. The new browsing and scoring interface for submissions is an absolute joy. What’s more, the filterable stock chart makes looking for designs in your size deathly simple. Their new layout makes it easy to see that most of the shirts I adore are out of stock. This means that I’ll have to wait for a really good shirt to be available in more than medium or extra large before I pimp them again.

+ MSNBC’s Clicked had some nice things to say about us:

Some ideas are so good you can spot them a mile away.  That’s probably the case with Preshrunk, a brand new t-shirt blog.  Only a few posts old and already creating a big buzz.  A few years from now when your kid is buying t-shirts you don’t understand at the Preshrunk store in the mall, you’ll remember when it was just three entries in a blog.

It’s nowhere near as big a deal as being linked on BoingBoing, but MSNBC holds a bit more cachet with my grandparents. I can’t see this blog going brick and mortar, but it was still really nice of them to say that.

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