Dear Emo Kids,

Quit sulking all the goddamn time. Seriously, cut it the fuck out. All of your non-emo friends and relatives make fun of you for being all mopey. Like, behind your back and stuff. We totally agree that talking shit behind people’s backs is a dick move. Still, we’re only telling you because we care, man.

Oh, hey… While we’ve got your attention, we’d like to note that you need a new hoodie. Yours is getting kind of funky. This one looks pretty nice. Dude, it’s got a heart on it. You like clothing with hearts on it, don’t you? Also, the zipper front will keep you from messing up your carefully coifed hair. Hey, we’re just trying to look out for you…

Yours Truly,

Update nullsleep and Jake Nickell both wrote in to point out that this hoodie looks a lot like Bleeding Heart over at Threadless. Jake also reminded us that Threadless is having a sale until February 1st. Three of their designs are going for $8.00, while the rest are going for $10.00. That’s cheap!

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