Cuervo and Ginger AleSometimes you have to sell your soul just to get a free t-shirt.

I mean, look at the coeds in those Girls Gone Wild videos. Most of them flash their boobs for nothing more than a gaudy shirt and [maybe] a mesh back hat. But first, they have to sign a waiver that states that Girls Gone Wild can use their image in their low rent spank videos and infomercials. That's an awesome deal, isn't it?

You don't have to show off your dirty pillows to get a free Cuervo and Ginger Ale shirt. I mean, you can if you really want to – but you don't have to. All they require from you is a valid postal and email address, which isn't too horrible. Actually, getting put on a marketing list is almost as much of a hassle as having your boobs show up on TV at 3am; but hey, free shirt.

Besides, who wants to spend themselves in their Adams Atoms shirt while watching Girls Gone Wild? Not I.

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Update: I guess one should never underestimate a guy's need for a new spank rag. They're allegedly out of free shirts.