Stenciling a T-ShirtHave you ever had an idea for a t-shirt, but couldn’t afford to get it printed? Stenciling is great for doing short runs of personal t-shirts without having to pay a screenprinter. Granted, you can’t get the same level of detail out of a stencil and it’s a bit labor intensive. But in the end you get the satisfaction of wearing or giving away something that you’ve made.

Stencil Revolution has a solid set of instructions for stenciling your very own shirts. Of course, it helps if you’re familiar with how to make a stencil, but that should be pretty apparent. Just let your inner Martha Stewart out so she can do her thing and you ought to be fine. Just don’t let her do any insider trading, okay?

P.S. If you want to save yourself some heartache, make a tester shirt or two on some inside out shirts from the goodwill. Never just cut a stencil and think the first shirt you do is going to turn out perfectly.